The drop shot is a weapon that you should use sparingly. The object of the drop shot is not to hit a ball your opponent can't get to (although if that happens you won't be unhappy). The object of the drop shot is to make your opponent have to cover a lot of the court to get to the shot and then to have to play it defensively after getting there and use a lot of energy.

Here are some reminders for better drop shots.

* Clear the net with your drop shot. Even if it bounces on the service line, you're still in the point. If it goes into the net, you are not. You just lost the point.

* Attempt a drop shot only if you're well inside the baseline. There is no percentage in even trying a drop shot from behind the baseline - too difficult and too much time for your opponent.

* Hit a drop shot only when you are in control, and your opponent is not expecting it. Do not try the drop shot to get you out of trouble.

* Remember, if your drop shot goes to the middle of the court, it will come back over the middle. If you go to one side or the other, your opponent may need more steps to get to the shot but may have two choices on the return.

* Use the drop shot and lob combination as suggested above. Even if you lose the point, you are making your opponent expend a whole lot of energy.

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