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If you are not sure about your playing level, please use this guide:

USTA 2.5: haven't played a league before, haven't played college tennis, and/or getting back into tennis after many years away from it.

USTA 3.0: solid play, but not dominant, maybe previous league experience.

USTA 3.5 and above: you've played leagues or college or recent high school tennis, you should know where you fit.

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Mens 2.5 Mens 3.0
Mens 3.5 Mens 4.0
Mens 4.5 Mens 5.0
Womens 2.5 Womens 3.0
Womens 3.5 Womens 4.0
Womens 4.5 Womens 5.0
Mixed 6.0 Mixed 7.0
Mixed 8.0 Mens Combo 6.5
Mens Combo 7.5 Womens Combo 6.5
Womens Combo 7.5 Senior Men 3.0
Senior Men 3.5 Senior Women 3.0
Senior Women 3.5 Mixed 50
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