Mixed 7.0 National Champions!! The GVTA 7.0 Mixed 40+ Team became National Champions in Maui on April 13th, 2014 beating teams from Maryland, Florida, New Jersey and Washington,before beating the Hawaii team in the final. We are so very proud of this team!!

GVTA - CTA-of-the-Year!! GVTA was given the award for being USTA NorCal's Best Community Tennis Association of 2013 on Febuary 13th 2014!!

Junior Players! Contact us for more details on the next Junior season. We hope to have a new 14-and-under team soon! New GVTA sponsored kids classes will be starting through GVRD. See the GVRD guide for full details!!

USTA Leagues! If you are interested in playing a league at any level, please fill out our "interest" form. If you need more general information about USTA Leagues, see our League page, or the USTA NORCAL site at USTA Leagues, or email/call our team Captains:

Chris Picone cpicone@gmail.com, (707-332-8650)
Imelda Lee randymel707@hotmail.com
Interest List

Womens Combo 5.5 Team

Womens Combo 6.5 Team

Mens Combo 6.5 Team

Mens Combo 7.5 Team

Mixed 55+ 7.0 Team

Mixed 18+ 6.0 Team

Mixed 18+ 7.0 Team

Mixed 40+ 6.0 Team

Mixed 40+ 7.0 Team

Mixed 40+ 8.0 Team

Mixed 40+ 9.0 Team

Tennis League Matches
Team Day Date/Time Opponent H/A
40+ Mixed 6.0 Sun8/24/14 9:00 AM NAPA VINTAGE HS 40MX6.0A Home
40+ Mixed 8.0 Wed8/27/14 7:00 PM MILLENNIUM-RS 40MX8.0B Away
18+ Mixed 7.0 Sat8/30/14 9:00 AM MILLENNIUM-VACA 18MX7.0A Home
40+ Mixed 8.0 Sun8/30/14 12:00 PM MILLENNIUM-RS 40MX8.0A Home
40+ Mixed 6.0 Sun8/31/14 9:00 AM NAPA VINTAGE HS 40MX6.0B Away
40+ Mixed 7.0 Sat8/31/14 12:00 PM NAPA VINTAGE HS 40MX7.0A Away
18+ Mixed 9.0 Sun8/31/14 2:00 PM SILVERADO CC 18MX9.0A Away
18+ Mixed 6.0 Sat9/6/14 10:00 AM ROLLING HILLS 18MX6.0A Home
40+ Mixed 7.0 Sat9/6/14 1:00 PM MILLENNIUM-VACA 40MX7.0A Home
40+ Mixed 8.0 Sun9/7/14 9:00 AM MILLENNIUM-RS 40MX8.0A Home
40+ Mixed 7.0 Sun9/7/14 9:00 AM NAPA VINTAGE HS 40MX7.0B Away
18+ Mixed 9.0 Sun9/7/14 11:00 AM MILLENNIUM-RS 18MX9.0A Away
40+ Mixed 6.0 Sun9/7/14 12:00 PM NAPA VINTAGE HS 40MX6.0A Home
18+ Mixed 6.0 Sat9/13/14 9:00 AM BENICIA HS 18MX6.0A Home
18+ Mixed 7.0 Sun9/13/14 noon NAPA VINTAGE HS 18MX7.0A Home
40+ Mixed 8.0 Sat9/14/14 9:00 AM MILLENNIUM-RS 40MX8.0B Home

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